The shrouded ball mill is used to make cement paint as it is in powder form.

The ball mill is a drum which is rotating on the shafts between bearings. The ball mill is powered by an electric motor and gearbox along with a set of gears to arrive at the correct RPM.

The grinding media is made of pebbles, which help in the separation of agglomerates in the powder. As the drum is rotated these pebbles fall on each other generating an impinging action which help in the separation of the particles, as well as the blending of cement with the colorant.

The cement and the colorants are added in the ball mill through the charging manhole. Once that is done the manholes are shut and the ball mill is allowed to rotate. As the mill rotates the powders are uniformly blended to form a homogeneous powder. Once the desired finish is attained the manholes are fitted with the sieves and the mill is allowed to run again. Due to the rotation the powder is discharged through the sieves. The mill has a shroud with hopper(cover)where the material falls, which is then collected in a trough, at the bottom.