Limpet coil reactor vessels are used to control the temperature of the reactants with the help of heating or cooling media circulated through coils surrounding the main vessel. Ideally suitable for medium heat transfer requirement and heating application where heating media temperature is above 150 C(302 F). Coils are half piped welded on the outer side of the main vessel.

Benefits of Limpet Coil Vessel:-
• Limpet coil reactor vessel can be used for heating or cooling of the reactants
• Suitable for high temperature (Above 150 C) Thermic fluid oil
• Achieve heating and cooling in one reactor with Double coil design
• Available in the range of 500 Litres to 60,000 Litres
• Offered in Stainless Steel 316, 304 or Carbon Steel material
• Agitator design to suit the reactants viscosity and density