Raymer Engineering Double shaft mixers belong to the continuously working mixers. Owing to their extremely rugged design, almost all materials can be mixed with each other even under difficult conditions. The mixing result and the conveying capacity are influenced by simply adjusting the mixer paddles in combination with the speed control of the mixer shafts. The meshing shaft pair is driven by a spur-gear set. Due to this, a high automatic cleaning effect is achieved in addition to a very good mixing result. The length of the mixer trough is adaptable within defined limits to bridge conveying tracks. Careful production and constructional design ensure an optimal protection against corrosion. Watery or adherent products necessitate a cleaning of the paddles at certain intervals. The motor arrangement is variable for the adaptation to local conditions. The geared motor can be coupled directly, or drive the mixer shafts through a chain drive. The speed is controlled through variable-speed gears or frequency converters. The trough is sealed towards the rotating mixer shafts through gland sets. The maintenance covers are closed with jointing rings.

Features of Double Shaft U Mixer
• Highly wear-resistant paddles for abrasive mixing material,
• Fine-dosing devices to supply additives exactly,
• Diameter of paddles from 200 up to 800 mm
• Automatic lubricant supplying devices or central lubrication unit
• Material finish in varnished, hot-galvanized steel or stainless steel, pickled in dipping bath and surface-cleaned (AISI 304 or 316); other materials on request.
• Special dimensions and special design on request