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Components of Continuous Mills

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The main asic components of continuous mills are:


The sieve prevents the micro beads from departing the grinding chamber and the grinding paste to pass through. The span of the sieve, i.e. its opening or micron size, depends on the size of the beads used in the process and should be 2.5 to 3 times smaller than the size of the micro beads.

Blades and Pegs

Wet grinding machines are equipped with blades of the identical material, but different shapes. The continuous grinding machine, has a blade with two flat faces, front face of the blade, a recirculating grinding machine, is fitted with a metal block designed to increase the turbulence of the beads. Pegs and counter pegs are used to generate turbulences in immersion mills.

Mechanical seals

Since, continuous grinding machine is watertight machines and to close the vat without stopping the shaft, a mechanical seal needs to be installed. The seal consists of numerous parts or it can be a single part or cartridge that is directly installed. The quality of the mechanical seal and its correct installation determine to a great extent the quality of the mill as possible breakage would result in a coolant leakage into the vat where the product is located, causing contamination of the product.

Micro beads or beads

In paste optimising the process, beads or micro beads interpose in the wet grinding process by impacting and rubbing with the agglomerates. The difference between the densities of the micro beads and the grinding paste creates greater the force. In order to decide the type and model of the mill best suitable to a paint and allied products factory, factors affecting the result of the grinding process does not only depend on the grinder chosen, but also on the pigments and fillers used.

Our team provides our clients with a team of technicians and consultants who recommend the option that best suits each project when choosing a grinding and dispersion equipment.

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