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Our Basket Mills is an exceptionally versatile dispersion system it can be applied to a many processing industries. This Basket Mill has redefined batch dispersion systems. This design insures that your materials pass through the high density dispersion zone within the milling chamber at a high frequency. This system offers a high degree of dispersion which can be many times more efficient than traditional media milling systems. Best of all, this exceptional level of efficiency is achieved without pipes, pumps or material transfer. The simplicity of the Basket Mill system allows for very high material yields from batch to batch, as high as 99%. This means less clean-up and a reduction in waste solvents. Premixing, dispersion, compounding and dilution are all accomplished in a single unit that requires less space, less time and less energy to achieve bigger results.

Basket Mill Technical Details
• Milling chamber design eliminates by-passing and inconsistent dispersion.
• Separate variable speed drives provide exceptional flexibility in mixing and dispersion.
• Because material flow is created by vortex action and centrifugal force, media overflow into the batch is eliminated.
• Impellers provide even circulation, ensure uniform dispersion, and allow a wider range of processing viscosities.
• Impellers are mounted on independent shafts and feature a separate variable speed drive.
• Operating speeds may be controlled manually or through an automated process controller.
• Side walls and bottom of the processing tank are jacketed along with the top of the milling chamber for efficient control of product temperature.
• Portable tank with non-sparking casters provides mobility for packaging or cleaning.
• Clean-up and product changeover are accomplished in less than 30 minutes on most products.