It is a small scale machine fabrication unit. This is a family run business started in 1973 by Mr. Noshir K. Engineer. Mr.N.K.Engineer is a Mechanical as well as an Electrical engineer.

Mr.N.K.Engineer started this business in Mumbai and then went on to expanding his business in Dombivili, a township just 60 Km from Mumbai. The business is mostly affiliated to the Paints, Pigments, Inks Pharma, Food and Chemical industries. Though our specialty lies in the designing and fabrication of machines for the Paints, Pigments and Ink industries.

Since 1990 Mr.N.K.Engineer has been ably assisted by his son Mr.Rayomund N.Engineer who is also a Mechanical engineer. The design of the machines are done by both Mr. N.K.Engineer and Mr.R.N.Engineer and all the machine are well accepted in the Indian domestic as well as the International market.

THE COMPANY HAS NOW BECOME AN ISO:9001:2015 CERTIFIED AS WELL We are in a constant mode of improvement and that is done through our regular "BE IN TOUCH WITH YOUR CLIENT" attitude. We get regular and positive feed backs and try to satisfy the client as and when his need arises for betterment in our product.

We take criticism as the stepping stone to improvement. Due to this attitude we are able to proudly assert ourselves as one of the leaders in this industry in India.

We like to take up new challenges when ever the opportunity begs. In 1978 as per the wishes of Asian Paints, we accepted the challenge and successfully commissioned the SP-16. The output of the slurry was in the range of 8-10Ltrs per minute a phenomenal rate as per the standards prevailing then. Now the SP-16 is more a less a standard for Asian Paints, and other companies like Berger, Kansai etc.

Once again in the year 1996 we were thrown a challenge of making a still bigger version of the sand mill. We were successful then too in designing and commissioning the SP-30 sand mill which give a slurry output in the range of 18-20Ltrs per minute.

We were also the first to design, fabricate and install the 4000Kg and the 6000kg pug mixers in India way back in 1992. Now these are standard machines even for medium scale industries.

10MT Pug Mixers is now the requirement for most large scale industries. Like wise we have many first's in India and there fore can proudly say that we are the trend setters and pioneers in many machines. This is a brief round up of our small but successful story and we aim to carry on this to higher levels with the support from all our business partners.